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Western wall apartments

Everyone thinking about vacationing in Jerusalem dreams of staying within walking distance of the Western Wall, but how many people get to truly live out this dream? You can be one of the lucky few, for new Apartments In King David Residence have just become available!

The lure of the Old City

Pilgrims and tourists from all over the world are drawn to the Old City of Jerusalem like moths to a flame. The rush on entering the Jaffa Gate and wandering through the alleyways interweaving between holy sites and historical monuments leaves the visitors who must call it a day after a few hours yearning for more. But for those based in the Old City, a deeper, more intimate experience becomes possible. You can enjoy Jerusalem by day, rest in your apartment, and then tackle Jerusalem by night- an entirely different experience for those with the endurance and daring to travel off the beaten track.

Living the dream

Those intrepid souls prepared to seize the opportunity can look forward to waking up every morning to the scents rising from the Old City Shuq and to the sounds of prayer from the Western Wall and the Temple Mount. To spend your vacation in a King David residence apartment is to live in the borderlands between the past and the present, faith and materialism, Arab and Jew, the sacred and the profane. There is nothing quite like it, anywhere in the world.

Location, location, location

The central question in almost every real estate transaction is the question of location. People are prepared to often prepared to overlook many shortcomings in their vacation home in order to be close to the beach, or to the city center, or to a central highway or particular service. All the more so when the location is truly unique – the Western Wall. 

Having it all

Fortunately, however, in the King David Residence apartments you don’t need to give up anything in order to be close to the beating heart of Jerusalem: the apartments are spacious, perfectly furnished, impeccably serviced and are in perfect condition. The apartments are designed to help you fit in to the Jerusalem mood through antique wooden furnishing and finishing, exotically patterned floors and walls, and soft brass lighting. At the same time the King David Residence apartments offer you the convenience of every modern amenity from a up to date kitchen to wi-fi connections, cable TV and more.  

Versatile accommodations

The prestigious King David apartments cater lone travelers, romantic couples and to large families alike. We encourage you to talk to our representatives and browse our apartment selection to identify the apartment that is perfect for your needs- whether you require an intimate getaway or a enough space for the children to play while you recover from your incursions into the Old City, we have it and will be delighted to direct you at the apartment perfect for your needs.