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Visiting Jerusalem Together – As a Family

There is no doubt that Jerusalem is full of opportunities for people of various ages and interests. It is an attraction for lovers of culture, art, history, spirituality and offers many experiences. For example, when you travel as a family, is crucial that we will consider activities that will keep the little ones busy and that will make the trip to the holy city enjoyable for them. In order to do so, we have gathered some of the most recommended attractions for children in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

Located on a mountainside with an amazing panoramic view of green pastures and valleys, this zoo is quite unique in its atmosphere. The biblical zoo offers many animals a safe sanctuary with the closest conditions possible to their natural habitat. Your children will love the new visitors center in the shape of Noah’s Ark, the new and improved aquarium which offers a thrilling shark tank and many activities designed especially for children.

The First Station

Jerusalem’s German Colony provides families with lots of benefits. It is a beautiful and quiet area with a great atmosphere – and consists of some of the most beautiful apartments in Jerusalem, with old templar architecture. In the last few years, however, the reopening of the old train station, converted into a unique shopping center, gives this neighborhood many new ways to have great fun together.

This complex offers many attractions to children – enjoy one of the great restaurants and cafés while your children have the times of their lives on an antique carousel, on a colorful train which goes around the entire complex or watching a movie on a 4D screen. There are many games, a playground and a Gymboree suitable for a wide range of ages.

Ein Yael Museum

This unique attraction allows children to learn firsthand how people had lived and performed many every-day activities in ancient times. Stroll through the ancient remains of a Roman street and bake pitas in a stone oven, weave bags and baskets, discover new talents by practicing pottery, designing a mosaic and even building ancient musical instruments.

The experienced crew members will show your children how olive oil is produced in traditional methods and will offer many other unique activities.

Time Elevator

Travel through time and learn about Jerusalem throughout the centuries. Hollywood actor, Haim Topol, best known for its unforgettable role of “Fiddler on the Roof” will take you through 3,000 years of Jerusalem’s history – from the days of King David to the state of Israel.

This visual experience combined with motor-powered moving seats is creating a special time-travel experience that will make you feel a part of a long-lasting legacy.

Gazelle Valley Park

In the heart of the city, there is a spectacular pearl of nature. This gazelle valley is a unique urban nature reserve with the last remaining gazelles in Jerusalem. Some guided tours and many fascinating workshops are available. It is a beautiful and intriguing experience for children and nature lovers of all ages.