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Going to the Market – a Tour of Jerusalem’s Famous Souks: From Machane Yehuda to the Arab Market

Jerusalem makret

Jerusalem offers a unique blend of Mediterranean cultures that is best seen in the city’s unique culinary personality. One of the best reasons to visit the city, if you happen to be staying in an apartment in Israel or in hotels in the area, is Jerusalem’s vibrant, colorful, and unique markets where you will find the city’s culinary gems.

a souvenir shop at the old city of Jerusalem

Machane Yehuda

Being Jerusalem’s largest market, or Souk, Machane Yehuda offers the perfect blend of the Israeli culture. The market has countless fruit and vegetable stands where you can enjoy fresh produce every day. If you are up for cooking, you will also find fresh meat and seafood, grocery stores, and local treats, like nuts, dry fruits, and desserts.

If you are hungry, do not skip Machane Yehuda’s restaurants and food stand where you will find a delightful fusion of Mediterranean and European cuisine.

The market hosts more than 250 vendors, so you will find something to do and eat, at every corner.

Old City Market

When entering the Old City Market, you will immediately notice colorful fabrics hanging from every corner. The famous market is located between the Jewish Quarter and the Muslim Quarter, and it offers a great opportunity to polish your bargaining skills. At the Old City Market, you will find traditional and modern clothing, hookahs, textiles, pottery, and local souvenirs you can take home.

Aside from the local, beautiful cultural experience, you can also walk around the Old City Market to see the traditional limestone structures that adorn its alleyways.

Cart of bread in the streets of Old Jerusalem

EmekRefaim Market

EmekRefaim Market is in Jerusalem’s German Colony, and it offers a modern-day market experience. At the EmekRefaim Market, you will find shops, bars, and cafes to round-up your local experience. To enjoy the best the market has to offer, check to see when it holds street markets, pop-up events, and cultural fairs that will help you soak up the local ambiance.

Bezalel Street Fair

Local Israeli artists showcase their beautiful crafts at the Bezalel Street Fair, which makes it the perfect place for purchasing one of a kind items. Vendors arrive at the market at different times and offer jewelry, home decorations, woodwork, and much more.

When going to Jerusalem, visiting its markets is a must; when you go to the ‘Souks’ mentioned above, you will get to see Jerusalem’s cultural, religious, and culinary mix that no other place has.