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Jerusalem’s top 7 attractions

Jerusalem’s top 7 attractions

Jerusalem has so many things to offer, it can sometimes be rather difficult and even frustrating to choose. On one hand, one cannot tour the entire city. On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to miss out the city’s main attractions.

The real estate experts of King David Residence plotted a 3-4 day route, allowing you to visit all of Jerusalem’s important sites. Follow this travel plan, and you won’t miss a thing.

The Western Wall (Kotel)

Also known as The Kotel or Wailing Wall, this is one of Judaism’s holiest places. A remnant of the first and second Temples, built roughly during the 10th and 6th centuries B.C (in accordance), it’s usually the first tourist attraction everyone’s visiting in the city. Temple Mount’s outer wall, built by King Herod 2,000 years ago, remains a Jewish place of prayer and worship for centuries. The Wall is available for all to visit, and put little prayer notes for God between its stones.

Tower of David

Although indeed an ancient fortress, the Tower of David was probably first built during King Herod’s time, not by King David, and was fortified again during the Mamluk and Ottoman eras. Nowadays it is a remarkable museum of Jerusalem’s history with a great view of the city (being the highest spot at the old city). Don’t miss it.

The Walls Promenade

Starting at the Gate of Jaffa, this Western Wall promenade overlooks the old city from above the walls of Jerusalem. Built almost 450 years ago by the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman, the walls surrounding the old city have long been one of its well known remarks.

The promenade allows you to enjoy the old city’s four quarters from a different, much more interesting perspective. Since the promenade isn’t a closed route, one can separately take the Armenian / Jewish quarters’ tour, or the Muslim / Christian quarters’ tour. Either way, it’ll be breathtaking.

The Archaeological Park

An archaeological excavation bordering the south-west Western Wall (The Ophel), engulfing at least 3,000 years of history, and includes several attractions – the Western Wall Tunnels, passing below the Muslim quarter and extending the Kotel from 62 to 480 meters (mostly underground); an interactive animated tour and a 3D model of Jerusalem in Davidson Center; dozens of ritual baths (Mikvah), Crusader church, etc.

The Biblical Zoo

Unlike any other zoo you may know, this particular one is solely focused on Israeli animals, and especially ones whose names are mentioned in the Hebrew Bible – Nubien Ibex, mountain gazelle, leopards, and Syrian brown bears. Since the 1990s the zoo also accepted other, non-biblical animals, such as penguins and baboons. The zoo offers various animal and plant displays, s well as many interesting activities for children and adults alike. Definitely worth a visit.

The Israeli Museum

Israel’s leading museum exhibits ancient artifacts, traditional Jewish garments, contemporary Israeli art and much more. Amongst the most famous exhibitions are the Shrine of the Book, which houses the Dead Sea Scrolls; a 2nd temple model of Jerusalem; and an archaeological section rich with interesting historical findings. Excellent for families and children.

Bloomfield Science Museum

Various exhibitions about science, nature, music, space, water, electricity, etc. Children will find this museum most interesting, with its fun scientific activities, and can visit the place free of charge (under 5 years old).