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How to travel within Jerusalem

Some of us, when deciding to travel would like to feel like locals, and not as tourists. Some of our clients choose our home rental options rather than a hotel exactly for this reason – they wish to experience Jerusalem as native city dwellers and not as passing by tourists.

When staying in Jerusalem for a long period of time there is no other option other than to decide on how you will get from one place to the other. Many of our apartments are located in the city center but none the less – you will most probably have to use some sort of transportation method if you wish to travel to different parts of the city. Jerusalem is the largest city in Israel covering 126 thousand of Dunams (close to 50 Square miles)- Here is a list of ways and means of transportation within Jerusalem – useful for your next trip to Israel’s Capital.

Egged Public Buses

The Egged transportation company is the bus company that operates in Jerusalem and is the main method of transportation in the city. A one way ticket bus ride will cost you 6.9 Shekels. If you purchase a Rav Kav card your ride will be chipper and easier. A Child under five will not be charged a fee for riding the bus.

Light rail train

Jerusalem is the first city in Israel to have a light rail. It took many years to build but today the city’s light rail managed by “CityPass“ is one of Jerusalem best ways to travel. The light rail is especially useful when traveling in and out of the city center, reducing the time waste of public transportation by nearly half of the time due to the avoidance of traffic problems which the city is suffering from. Unlike the egged buses, on the Jerusalem Light Rail you must make sure to have a ticket in advance of boarding – tickets are not obtainable for purchase on board. There are different tariffs for riding the train – starting with 6.90 for one way with no additional trips or 10 rides ticket which you will pay 55.20 for.


Once called Get Taxi, Today just Gett. A few years ago you would have to go outside, wait in the Jerusalem winter cold and hope for a taxi to stop next to you. Today with the Gett App you can easily order a taxi to drive to your front door allowing you to arrive fast and comfortably to you destination. Keep in mind that for the luxury of using a private taxi you will pay more than other public transportation means. One Kilometer of a cab ride will cost you aproxamtly 4 Shekels and the meter starts with 11 ILS once you get in the taxi.mamila.