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German Colony Tour

The German Colony in Jerusalem was founded in 1873 by Templar Germans, as the fourth Templar colony out of 8 established in Israel. As in Tel Aviv’s Sharona area, the Templar technology highly contributed to the neighborhood’s success. Since then it has become one of the city’s most luxurious neighborhoods, preserving the old architecture of its first days.

Nowadays the German Colony is a real gem in the heart of Jerusalem, offering unique spots surrounded by lush vegetation, historical buildings, and high quality residential and shopping areas. Here are some of its most esteemed locations, on a single route, for an easy-going, convenient tour of the neighborhood.

Hotspot #1 – Liberty Bell Park (Gan Pa’amon Ha’Dror)

Bell Park (cc: wikipedia)

Jerusalem’s second largest public park includes an ancient bell, in honor of the United States of America bicentennial.

Located in the entrance to the German Colony, the park also includes various sports facilities, unique sculptures, wide bicycle lanes, and even a children puppet theater called HaKaron (The Trailer).

The park is the perfect spot for a relaxing picnic, before you go on to the second spot on our tour.

Hotspot #2 – Jerusalem Railway Station

Railway Station (cc: wikipedia)

Inaugurated on May 2013, the new Jerusalem railway station is a highly popular hotspot, with a myriad of restaurants, cafes, shops, fairs and attractions. The original railway station was founded in 1892, and was operational until 1998.

Nowadays it’s a vibrant activity center near the German Colony, attracting both locals and tourists to its unique spots. Among them: a 100 year old renovated passenger cart; the renovated station; sport events; guided tours; music shows; art and fashion displays and many more. A great place to visit and to have fun.

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Hotspot #3 – St. Andrew’s Church of Scotland (The Scots Guesthouse)

Located near the railway station, St. Andrew’s Church was founded in 1930 in honor of fallen Scottish soldiers during WWI. The church combines both western and middle eastern architecture: straight lines, glass and no decorations on one hand, alongside with a dome, Armenian ceramics and Mamluk balconies on the other hand.

The church includes a comfortable, stylish guesthouse and a cafe’, with a spectacular view of the Hinnom Valley, The Jaffa Gate, and the new city. The ideal place for tourists/visitors, businessmen and pilgrims.

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St Andrews (cc:

Hotspot #4 – Valley of Rephaim

Valley of Rephaim (cc: wikipedia)

The Valley of Rephaim, mentioned several times in the Bible (Joshua 15:8; Isaiah 17:5), descends southwest from Jerusalem to the Valley of Elah.

After German Templars settled in and built their home, initially named Rephaim, it’s final name was (and still is) The Original German Colony. On its north – King David Street and the Liberty Bell Park; on its west – Talbiya and Katamon neighborhoods.

Nowadays Emek Rephaim Street is best known for its fine restaurants, cafes and dining spots, along with old and new Jerusalem architecture. The perfect place for culinary adventures.

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