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The Best Adventures for Explorers of The Holy City

Either you love it, or you hate it, but there is not the slightest doubt about it – Jerusalem is one of the most fascinating cities in the world, and many tourists throughout its ancient history fell for its charm. Israel’s capital offers many adventures for travelers in various fields – from beautiful landscapes, through decadent culinary institutes, to unique and unforgettable cultural and spiritual experiences.

Ancient, Intense, Breathtaking

History lovers and those who are spiritual at heart will find many places of interest in the old city. Jerusalem’s old city is the home of many holy places that hold great significance to the 3 monotheistic religions.

  • The Western Wall – When it comes to spiritual attractions, this one is a must. As one of the city’s main symbols, this sole remnant of the temple’s outer parameter is a place of prayer, gathering and holds an intense and solemn atmosphere. 
  • The Holy Sepulcher – Located on the site of Christ’s crucifixion and burial, this amazing and beautiful church is attracting people of all creeds and groups for generations. Admire the Romanesque architecture, the intoxicating smell of incense and the mystery of the empty tomb.   
  • Al-Aqsa Mosque – Visit one of the most controversial pieces of land in the world and third-holiest landmark in Islam. Visitation times can be limited, so make certain you arrive after making sure you arrive at an appropriate time.
  • The Via’ Dolorosa – If you have any affiliation to Christianity, most tour guides will surely suggest you follow Christ’s last path.

The old city offers much more than just ancient history. Many fascinating shops will present you with unique collectives and souvenirs, incense, religious articles, culinary delights such as olive oil, yogurt cheese, honey, dates and Mediterranean sweets.

Art and Culture

When it comes to Jerusalem, many galleries and museums are available at affordable prices and offer unique experiences.

The Israel Museum, for example, is one that you can’t miss. Whether you are more into historical attractions or an art lover, this museum really has it all and stores some amazing exhibitions. Don’t miss Turrel’s “space that sees” – a skyspace that exhibits a unique scene – which reacts to the changing weather and seasons.

Challenge Your Taste-Buds 

As a multicultural space, Jerusalem offers a wide variety of the Israeli culinary experience with a wide variety of well-known institutes that food lovers should not miss. 

The Best Hummus

Arafat Hummus – located in the old city, this small pearl is well-hidden, but those who know their Hummus will guarantee that this one is a pure delight. Shuk Hatzorfim 53, the old city.

Sweet Bites

Ja’afar sweets right next to Damascus Gate offers the best Arab sweets. For the best Kunafeh you ever had, awesome baklawa and many other surprises, this place is worth a visit. 

The Richest Sabich Ever

Machane Yehuda market offers many attractions – and during your visit to Jerusalem – you should drop by. You’ll find a perfect city market atmosphere and a variety of hipster-like bars and boutiques. And when you get peckish, make sure to try Aricha Sabich on Agripas St.