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Taking a tour of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is one of the largest cities in Israel, the heart of the nation, known as the City of David.Taking a tour of Jerusalem will lead tourists to one of the most ancient places in the world: The Old City’s Walls and its eight famous gates. One of those gates is called The Jaffa Gate, since it is located in the direction of the road leading to the Port of Jaffa, by the sea.

The Mount of Olives is another special place, where one can tour several key events in the life of Jesus: Dominus Flevit, the church where Jesus wept; Mount Zion, and Via Dolorosa, where one can retrace the last steps taken by Jesus on his way from the Old City to the place of crucification. The Western Wall and the Jewish Quarter is another possible tour attraction, which includes holy sites, synagogues and a lot of shops, cafes and restaurants.

An important tour to be taken is The Tower of David, with the ancient walls and beautiful sightseeing. Another tour is The Garden Tomb, where many believe Jesus was buried after he was crucified. The Temple Mount is one of the most impressive locations in the city, with various archeological findings surrounding it. Lest we forget the colorful markets and the bazars – another fascinating attraction, where we can experience a variety of specialties like spices, jewels, clothing and souvenirs.

Jerusalem offers a variety of national parks and museums, such as the Botanical Gardens, the Liberty Bell Park, Independence Park, Mini Israel Museum (where one can admire a miniature model of Israel), Yad Vashem Museum in the memory of the six million Jews that were murdured in the Holocaust, and the Museum of Natural History. These are some of Jerusalem’s best and well-known attractions.

A visit to the open Market of Mechane Yehuda is a must. It is one of the Old City Markets. A trip to Jerusalem can also include a variety of shopping areas in the center of the city, as well as in the Old City, shopping malls and shopping centers combining the old and the new. Nightlife in Jerusalem offers many choices of entertainment, good coffee shops and pubs, restaurants with great cuisine bringing all tastes and cultures together.

Jerusalem hosts several international culture events, such as festivals, exhibitions, arts and performing events. The hotels in Jerusalem offer top luxuries, such as the Waldorf Hotel, The American Colony Hotel, The Mount Zion Hotel, etc. These hotels, and many others as well, have the best swimming pools and spas in Jerusalem, as well as the largest and most luxurious lounges, best restaurants and bars money can buy.

Jerusalem is a city that brings together the old and the new at ones command.