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Explore the Holy Land while you stay at Jerusalem Hotel

One of the holiest cities in the world, Jerusalem holds special religious importance for Jews, Christians as well as Muslims. With a range of sacred building and ancient relics,  the city is an example of living history. It is a city where one can pray at ancient buildings constructed by the kings and the caliphs; a place where you can trail the footpaths of the erstwhile caliphs.

Melting pot of traditions, culture and history

The Old City chimes with sounds of church bells and the Shofar. As you will roam around the streets, the heady smell emanating from the spices available at the Souq’s is sure to invigorate your senses. The experience of the Old City will truly be a spiritually enlightening one.

The wonders of Jerusalem are not just limited to the Old City, Once you step out to explore further, you will be pleasantly surprised by the architectural marvels like the Israel Museum and the Holocaust memorial. These wonders combined with the spiritual attractions of the Old City, make Jerusalem one of the best tourist destinations.

Jerusalem Hotel – Israeli hospitality at its best 

For the perfect trip, it is important that you stay at the right hotel that welcomes you with traditions that define Jerusalem. Immerse in the culture by booking your stay at the unique Jerusalem Hotel which is situated in the heart of the city. A differentiated guest house, it is the perfect destination for you if you want to experience the Israeli culture.

The Jerusalem Hotel will give you the best in hospitality by treating you like family. The timeless rooms, find their design inspiration in the eastern culture. With plenty of amenities and facilities like internet access, cable-satellite connection, central heating system and more, your stay will prove to be a satisfactory one. Not only that you can always enjoy the wondrous views of the Holy Sepulcher, the Dome of the Rock, the Mount of Olives and other historical sites.

Jerusalem Property Management by King David Residence

The Jerusalem Hotel is managed by the King David Residence. A real estate agency- the Kind David Residence is involved in Jerusalem Property Management and specializes in every aspect of property management – be it finding the right asset, paying bills, maintaining it all round the year. With the availability of a Kosher kitchen in every holiday apartment, Kind David Residence provides the best services in Jerusalem Property Management.


Jerusalem property management - King David ResidenceKing David Residence offers a complete personal property management service in Jerusalem.

Whether you’re in Israel or abroad, we do all the work for you, saving you the trouble:

  • Managing your property top to bottom – cleaning, groceries, repairs and maintenance, etc.
  • Taking care of rent – showing the property, filtering tenants, preparing contracts, negociation, bills, etc.
  • Handling all interaction with tenants, municipal authorities, repairmen, etc.
  • Advertising the property in the best platforms, in accordance with your needs.
  • Secure deposit of rent fees in your account.
  • Expert counseling in all real-estate issues.
  • Immediate availability to every request.

Your satisfaction is our REAL estate

King David Residence is a renowned real-estate expert in Jerusalem, managed by Itamar Shinover. We offer our asset management services mainly to private home owners living abroad. Your property is managed and maintained by professionals of the highest degree, living in Jerusalem and thus immediatly available for every request.

Why should you hire a property manager?

Managing your assets from a distance can be quite a headache – constant maintenance issues, high tenant turnover, dealing with the required municipal authorities, legal issues, billing, etc. We at King David Residence live and breathe the real-estate world, saving your all the fuss and allowing you to maximize your profits.

We will be happy to of service to you, and manage your asset to perfection.
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